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Having skilled film-makers from start to finish is essential to producing an amazing film.  Trendy and her partners seek out only the best established and emerging talent to assemble the best possible team both above and below the line.  This process begins with the writers and producers in the development stage.

Screenwriter/Producer, Crystal Diane Stevens

Ms. Stevens began her career in script development working for Oscar-winning director, Lee Grant at Joseph Fuery Productions in New York.  She built upon those skills while majoring in both film and literature at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC.  She later worked with Raw Films, Fever-Dreams Films and Starline Films in script development.  During that time, she also took numerous ghost-writing assignment on feature scripts in all genres.  Her original screenplay, “Organized Criminal,” was immediately recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship by placing in the top 15% out of 6,200 entries.

Joseph Giacalone, Producer

Serving as President of Trendy Pictures, Mr. Giacalone has collaborated on with Ms. Stevens as Executive Producer on “Organized Criminal,” working with Geo Santini as Producer and Director proved to be beneficial as Trendy and Yellow Tape Organization managed to double the value of this short film which was shot on a budget of some 60K. Seeking only to deliver the finest quality, Trendy worked with their contacts and developed sponsor and product placement relationships to increase the film’s value in addition to cooperating with their partner some 3,000 miles away in LA (Mr. Santini) to maintain the story’s integrity, which demanded sets being built; the finest post-production team, and an original score. Mr. Giacalone founded Trendy Pictures after years of experience on the agent and television side of the industry.

Erica Hughes, Associate Producer

Screenwriter, novelist, and film-maker, Erica Hughes brings years of experience to the team; a dedicated, hard-working, team-player, Erica has shared her knowledge and wisdom with screenwriters and film-makers generously on her film-making website, Screenwritersdaily.com. Erica is currently growing as a film producer with Trendy.




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